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Monte Melkonian, 1993 Interview

Commander of Martuni Defenses, Monte Melkonian, gave an interview about the Karabakh struggle in 1993. He talks about the history, state of the war in 1993, and the future of the conflict.

Monte Melkonian was born in California’s San Joaquin Valley on November 25, 1957. A trained archaeologist who spoke eight languages, he spent his entire adult life working for justice and defending Armenians in Iran, Lebanon, and Armenia. Monte is widely acknowledged to be one of the individuals most responsible for re-forging Nagorno Karabagh’s fighters into a disciplined force that defended the land against overwhelming odds. After his death in battle on June 12, 1993, the president of the Republic of Armenia declared him a National Hero, and he was awarded the highest military honors of Nagorno Karabagh and the Republic of Armenia, including the Military Cross, First Degree and the Golden Eagle medal.

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